“American Idol”: Find Out Who Went Home!

Elise Testone performs in front of the judges on “American Idol,” March 14, Sometimes, it’s been contestants who have had secret criminal pasts. Sometimes, though, it’s just been murderously bad singing. First, the impeccable Ryan Seacrest explained – without mentioning Jermaine Jones’ name – that one contestant had been disqualified after the show had collaborated with police to discover a murky rapsheet. Jones allegedly has four arrest warrants outstanding. However, how many of the remaining contestants, asked to sing compositions from their birth year, would be charged with breaking the laws of music? First was Phillip Phillips. In rehearsals, he explained he had a kidney stone. Straight after, he had surgery. Straight after the surgery, here he was successfully offering his rugged innards to “Hard to Handle”, an Otis Redding song borrowed at one time by the Black Crowes.

Hollie Cavanagh on American Idol Season Ring by Rich Rocks and earrings by Charlotte Lu.

Wednesday night’s performance show was on fire with some pretty epic performances, but it was Ryan’s comment of a hot new couple alert between Colton Dixon and Skylar Laine that had everyone in the audience going wild! So what did the alleged lovebirds have to say about it? Who thinks they’ll be in the bottom three, and whose head was on fire at the mansion? We’ve got the scoop!

Every season of Idol, it is inevitable contestants will deal with dating rumors.

Last night American Idol’s final four performed California-themed songs and personal favorites they wished they’d written. According to the judges, Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Phillip.

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Billing Information Sign Out This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Recap American Idol’s final 13 contestants: Phillip was one of the standouts on Wednesday when the top 13 performed: Stevie Wonder songs for the guys; Whitney Houston for the girls. The evening was notable for a few favourites solidifying their positions — Phillip, Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Hollie Cavanagh — and a few solid singers having bad nights: The episode also brought the uncharacteristic sound of the judges judging for the second week in a row.

Cavanagh talked to reporters about her elimination, her close friendship with fellow contestant Joshua Ledet, and who will take home the title. On predicting her Idol sendoff. “There was.

American Idol Finale Part 2: On to the show! Ryan and the judges come out, Ryan building up the show with million votes cast. He is joined by Fantasia, and they just riff all over the stage to the point the production cuts them off. Then the girls are singing a medley of Chaka Khan songs. Erika and Elise sound amazing and I feel robbed.

About Hollie Cavanagh

What is American Idol? American Idol started in is a TV contest program that seeks to discover the best amateur singer in the country through a series of nationwide auditions. The outcomes of the later stages of this competition are determined by public voting by phone. The format features three judges who give cr…itiques of the each contestant’s performance in order to facilitate the voting.

The current judges are.

Contestants PHillip Phillips, Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet, Skylar Laine and Jessica Sanchez backstage at FOX’s American Idol Season 11 Top 6 To 5 Elimination Show on April 26, in Hollywood, Erstklassige Nachrichtenbilder in hoher Auflösung bei Getty Images.

American Idol Top 4 Predictions: The ZScores given below provide a relative ranking of the likelihood that a particular constant will be going home in the upcoming elimination. The contestants with the lowest ZScores are in the most danger of going home. Hollie Cavanagh For the second week in a row, young Hollie Cavanagh takes the stage first, this time with Faithfully by Journey. Hollie wants to take this…Hollie wants to have the whole thing!

Hollie had been trending up with fans in recent weeks — even at a higher rate than either Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez. However, on a post-performance review, fan chatter in the last 24 hours is seemingly on the decline, indicating a high likelihood of danger ahead for Hollie. Time and time again, week after week, Phillip Phillips is always just ok for us— in song, in appearance, in everything, yet the hype surrounding this seemingly average dude, just continues to grow.

But then again, what can you expect for a young, teen girl crowd who is also guilty of going hog-voting-wild over Alfred E. Neuman look-alike Scotty McCreery? It was an honest, raw performance, and one that even we are willing to praise Phillip for. Phillip has always been a favorite among fans, always at the high end of the American Idol Social Media Scorecard.

However, in recent weeks, Phillip has been on a clear decline with respect to new fan growth, clearly trending downward in the statistics. For this reason, we believe Phillip may be in the bottom two for the week.

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Both Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips are ideal representatives of their chosen brands, and both would’ve had a future in the music industry regardless of the outcome. But there can only be one winner After million votes cast last night really, people? The White Guy With Guitar strikes again! Looks like that stereotypical streak on “American Idol” isn’t being broken any time soon.

Whatever else you might say about P-squared and I fully expect you to in the comments section , the ladies seem to love him.

May 23,  · Bronze medalist Joshua Ledet had the opportunity to sing with his personal idol (and former “Idol”) Fantasia Barrino on “Take Me to the Pilot,” which was every bit a screechy as you’d expect.

This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. He attended Lee County High School. He graduated Albany Technical College , but had to miss the graduation ceremony due to being on American Idol. Many people have compared his vocal style to that of Dave Matthews , whom he has also noted as an influence. Phillips was announced the winner on May Philips’ coronation song, “Home”, was a success with sales of 5.

Sanchez auditioned in San Diego. Before Idol, she was known for her appearance on the first season of America’s Got Talent where she was brought back by judge Brandy during the show’s wildcard round.

American Idol BFFs Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet Spill on Their Friendship

Despite giving uneven performances all the way through — a few rousing numbers “The Climb,” which she reprised as her goodbye song, and, just this week, Journey’s “Faithfully” amid a sea of so-so ones — Cavanagh had been unfailingly likable, sunny and upbeat in the face of near-constant criticism. The year-old British-Texan seemed to embody a certain all-American can-do attitude, an optimistic stick-to-itivenenss, doggedly getting out there and giving it another shot, week after week, long after most people — including probably the “Idol” judges and Jimmy Iovine — had expected her to stick around.

But Cavanagh’s time was clearly up. And of course, it would have been far worse to have seen any of the others go. Before the results were revealed, each of the top four contestants was called forward for a recap of the previous night’s performances and a taste of Iovine’s tough love.

LOS ANGELES — Hollie Cavanagh couldn’t make “American Idol” voters love her. The soaring year-old vocalist from McKinney, Texas, was eliminated from the Fox singing competition Thursday.

She was placed fourth in the eleventh season of American Idol. She started singing when she was fifteen years old and has been singing for a few years before she joined American Idol. Cavanagh is a fan of Liverpool F. She has a Lab and Golden Retriever mix named Shankly. However, Jennifer Lopez told Hollie that she could win the competition next season by practicing and improving her singing.

Next year, Cavanagh got a second chance for season 11 and auditioned in Houston, Texas, but was not given a lot of screen time compared to the previous season.

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She began to improve in recent weeks, but lack of consistency became a problem. On predicting her Idol sendoff. I was just preparing myself for it, but at the same time staying hopeful because you never know what could happen. I never really looked into what everyone was saying.

Joshua Ledet Joshua’s first selection of the evening is the ambitious song, You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban, which is an amazingly natural choice (raised platform, choir and .

Share this article Share Jennifer Lopez was shocked as she said: Elise Testone proved she wasn’t willing to land in the bottom two again after last week’s drama Meanwhile Colton Dixon, Shannon Magrane and Skylar Laine also impressed the judges. After stealing the show last week, it was hard for Jessica Sanchez’s performance to match up Not all of the hopefuls fared so well and Deandre Brackensick and Erika Van Pelt could be in danger after lacklustre performances. After stealing the show last week, it was unsurprising that the panel felt Jessica Sanchez could have done better.

The judges couldn’t quite agree on Colton Dixon but Jennifer told the hopeful he’d fared well Comedy value: Jermainr Jones was booted out of the show due to his criminal past Confrontation: Producers Nigel Lythgoe R and Ken Warwick sat the hopeful down to quiz him over the charges But the producers, who assured they are ‘not judgemental at all’, said it was out of their hands as they told a disappointed Jermaine: Me and one of my other friends had a disagreement but it was not like fist fighting.

Hollie Cavanagh On Josh Ledet’s Breakdown During Her Final Idol Performance

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