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At least two were killed and dozens injured. Arbin is in the Eastern Ghouta region which has been under government siege since A ‘Supermoon’ commonly is described as a full moon at its closest distance to the earth with the moon appearing larger and brighter than usual. Reuters Afghan police officers take position during a blast and gun fire in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Thousands of Russian Orthodox Church followers will plunge into icy rivers and ponds across the country to mark Epiphany, cleansing themselves with water deemed holy for the day. Anees Ansari, Zainab’s father, accused the police of being slow to respond when his daughter went missing in the eastern Punjab province. Two people were killed and three others were wounded in clashes between angry Kasur residents and police after protesters enraged over her death attacked a police station in the city. North and South Korea began their first official talks in more than two years, focusing on the forthcoming Winter Olympics after months of tensions over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons programme. Thirty-seven people died overnight when torrential rain and mudslides swept though shanty homes.

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They enforce their rules to the letter, and the punishments are severe. Punishments for foreigners may be even more severe than for locals; most Saudis in the kingdom would just get their wrists slapped. You also have to remember that your employment is linked to your behavior. If you were arrested for drinking or womanizing for instance, you would not only find yourself jailed and deported you would also lose your job and any accrued benefits you may have earned.

So that one drink could cost you a huge amount of money if you were expecting a few months’ tax-free bonus at the end of a couple of years’ hard work there in Saudi.

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Share this article Share The attack happened hours before Saudi Arabia was due to announce the country’s annual budget in a news conference expected to be attended by senior ministers. Reuters witnesses described hearing a blast and said they saw smoke in the north-east of Riyadh. It was the second Huthi missile attack on Riyadh in the past two months. The first attack, which targeted Riyadh international airport on November 4, triggered the tightening of a longstanding Saudi-led blockade of Yemen – already on the verge of famine.

Saudi Arabia angrily accused its arch foe Iran of supplying the missile to the rebels, a charge Tehran strongly denied. On Thursday, US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley presented what she called ‘undeniable’ evidence that last month’s missile was ‘made in Iran’. But her comments went beyond the findings of a UN investigation which reached no firm conclusion on whether the missile came from an Iranian supplier, saying only that it had a ‘common origin’ to some Iranian designs.

Mr Mitchell told Channel Four News: Not just the humanitarian blockade, but the commercial blockade as well.

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The sole constitution that is used is the Quran, which all judges have to interpret conservatively. Many actions that are considered illegal have no actual written laws to ban them — a lot of them are not even addressed in the Quran. Some of these bans also occur in other countries, but this list is specifically about Saudi Arabia since I was born there and I grew up along with millions of others shackled by these laws.

The penalty for violating that rule would lead to the store being shut down.

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Giving the problematic first two a wide berth, she sets out to redress this injustice by proving that ‘women here fall deeply in and out of love just like women everywhere else’. More specifically, Girls of Riyadh is a self-confessed Saudi Sex and the City, tracing the lives of four twentysomethings from the capital’s wealthy ‘velvet class’ – clever Sadeem, dumpy Gamrah, sassy Lamees and the rebellious half-American Michelle – in a series of weekly emails sent out by a sharp-tongued and ‘shamelessly’ red-lipsticked narrator.

Her fictional disclosures – illicit drinking, women posing as men in order to drive cars, homosexuality, premarital sex and clandestine dating – made Girls of Riyadh an instant bestseller in Arabic. It was banned by the Saudi authorities, who, with Alice in Wonderland logic, guaranteed Alsanea a rare book deal in the West. But while the girls’ love of shopping, make-up and checking their boyfriends’ star signs is instantly familiar, the English edition is heavily edited and footnoted.

This is not just chick-lit, Alsanea hints, but a primer to an alien society ‘riddled with hypocrisy, drugged with contradictions’. And the trials faced by her alternately designer- and burqa-clad heroines are gruesome. Forbidden by law from driving or meeting unrelated men in public, the girls are denied a free choice in education, career or marriage by either overbearing parents or the baroque Saudi obsession with tribe and tradition.

Gamrah is married off to, then divorced by, an abusive businessman; Sadeem’s fiance dumps her for ‘giving herself’ to him before their official wedding day. But the proscriptions that fence their lives round provide the novel’s rare moments of satire. In online chatrooms, Saudi men use one of two stock pictures: Like the youthful majority of Saudi Arabia’s population, the girls are squeezed between homegrown tradition and global modernity.

Alsanea’s prose pieces together classical Koranic Arabic with slangy, roman-script ‘internet language’, colloquial Lebanese and Emirati, song lyrics and scraps of English – a patchwork that enraged Saudi proprieties almost as much as the ‘racy’ content. Though many of the nuances are lost to non-Arabic readers, the off-key Americanisms of her own translation are equally revealing.

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Joel Rodriguez sir gud morning paki check po kong nanjan na po ba ang passport ko ne renew ko po nuong augost 25, pakisuyo lang po sir maraming salat po. Joel Rodriguez maraming salamat po. Salamat po sir Mia Amor emilio dulatre dizon sept.

hi mga kabayan kong nurses! welcome to this page. sana ay makatulong ito upang maibsan ang kalungkutan natin sa ating naiwang bansang pilipinas at naway mas lalong mapabuti ang ating pagtratrabaho dito sa riyadh.

Reporters heard a blast and saw a plume of smoke rising above the Saudi capital near the palace, where King Salman chairs weekly government meetings and hosts foreign dignitaries. It was the second time in as many months that a rebel projectile had reached as far inside the kingdom as Riyadh, and while audacious, neither caused any real damage. In a televised address, rebel leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi said the range of missiles in the Houthi arsenal was being extended. A screenshot from a video purportedly showing Saudi air defense intercepting a missile over Riyadh Credit: Twitter “As long as you continue to target Sanaa we will strike Riyadh and Abu Dhabi,” he said, referring to the seat of government of the United Arab Emirates, a key member of the coalition.

Earlier this month, the Houthis claimed they fired a missile at an under-construction nuclear plant in the Emirates. The UAE denied the claim. The rebels claimed Saudi palaces, military and oil facilities were all within range of such missiles fired from Yemen. Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, last week displayed what she said was “undeniable” evidence that Iran was supplying the Houthis with missiles.

Washington has backed the Saudi-led coalition in its war in Yemen. Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, has described what Riyadh says is Iran’s supply of rockets to the Houthis as “direct military aggression” that could be an act of war. More than 8, people have been killed since Saudi Arabia and its allies joined the government’s fight against the Houthis in , triggering what the UN has called the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

The attacks, which could further escalate a military campaign by a Saudi-led coalition against the rebels, underscore how the raging Yemen conflict is increasingly spilling across the border.

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Definitions[ edit ] Some definitions or uses of the term Wahhabi Islam include: King Salman bin Abdul Aziz , the King of the Saudi Arabia [45] “a misguided creed that fosters intolerance, promotes simplistic theology, and restricts Islam’s capacity for adaption to diverse and shifting circumstances” David Commins, paraphrasing opponents’ definition [9] “a conservative reform movement Starting out as a theological reform movement, it had “the goal of calling da’wa people to restore the ‘real’ meaning of tawhid oneness of God or monotheism and to disregard and deconstruct ‘traditional’ disciplines and practices that evolved in Islamic history such as theology and jurisprudence and the traditions of visiting tombs and shrines of venerated individuals.

The term is “most frequently used in countries where Salafis are a small minority” of the Muslim community but “have made recent inroads” in “converting” the local population to Salafism.

Unrelated Couple dating in the Car caught by the HAIA in Riyadh. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. WhatsApp. The laws, culture and the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are unlike those of the western or liberal world.

WhatsApp The laws, culture and the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are unlike those of the western or liberal world. The culture in this part of the world is extremely conservative and hence the laws, rules, and regulations reflect the culture of the land. The law enforcement agencies, along with the members of the HAIA or Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice force, have arrested a couple who were unrelated and had been traveling together in a car.

The spokesman for the Riyadh police, Colonel Fawaz Al Maiman explained that the couple who has been arrested initially attracted the attention as the woman had not been dressed in accordance with the local regulations. The woman had not been wearing a proper dress and in addition, she had full makeup on her face which was attracting the attention of the people passing by. The man in question who has been in his 30s was an expatriate of Syrian origin, and upon questioning, he alleged that the girl was, in fact, his wife.

Al Maiman stated that the man could not then prove that the woman was, in fact, his wife and had no documentation to prove their marriage either. The case has now been referred on to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution in order to carry out the necessary actions in relation to the case. In accordance with the local law, any unrelated woman, and man cannot be together.

It is my humble advice to all the expatriates to respect the rule of the country you have been living in. Such types of behavior can be prosecuted and if the guilty parties are expatriates then they will be deported. A report which has been issued by the Ministry of Justice states that the offenses which involve mixing without any male guardian account for the largest chunk out of the cases which have been filed against the female defendants in the year Upwards of assault and battery charges have followed the cases of the women being found in a secluded area with an unrelated man.


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Share ‘That they want to play Monopoly together,’ a joking Riyadh responds. Like any good mother Lorraine is quick to offer advice on who might be suitable match for Riyadh. When asked why she adds: Lovely muscles, lovely skin. His hair’s all over the place, he’s just a dog. Ahead of filming Riyadh left the gay dating app open for an hour each night to allow the messages to pour in Lorraine says she was left ‘slightly traumatised’ after reading some of the more explicit messages to her son Speaking to the MailOnline Riyadh says that he couldn’t think of anyone better to sift through potential dates than his own mother.

When I first asked she said “absolutely not. I wasn’t going to put clips of my mother discussing male appendages online, those clips will never see the light of day. I’m not into one night stands, an old soul that’s what I’ve been called, a real old romantic.

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Sa hirap ng buhay, naging mekaniko siya pagka-graduate ng High school sa Angeles, Pampanga kung saan naroon ang kanyang tiyo. Ito rin ang trabahong nagdala sa kanya sa Baguio noong Sa Baguio nakilala niya ang kanya pa lang mapapangasawang si Gloria na tubong Pangasinan. Sa Riyadh siya napadpad at doon, pagmemekaniko pa rin ang kanyang kinabubuhay.

Tumagal alamang siya roon ng dalawang taon at sa kanyang pagbabalik sa Pilipinas, nagdesisyon siyang magnegosyo at di na muling umalis pa ng bansa. Sa kanyang kapital na 30, , nakapagsimula sila ng 10 kaban ng bigas para masimulan ang kanilang bigasan. Taong at napalago na nila at ng kanyang asawa ang bigasan at noon ay mayroon na rin silang panindang itlog. Using free basics app to access internet for free? Now you can read KAMI news there too. Use the search option to find us. Read KAMI news while saving your data!

At dahil malalaking bentahan na ang kanilang nagagawa, naging miyembro na ang kanilang pamilya ng Baguio Market Plaza Multi-Purpose Cooperative.

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Share ‘We will not allow any infringement on our national security. It blames Iran for the consequences. It was the first attempted missile strike by the rebels to reach Riyadh and threaten air traffic, underscoring the growing threat posed by the conflict on Saudi Arabia’s southern border. Today the coalition sealed off air, sea and land borders in Yemen where it has been battling rebels in support of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi’s internationally recognised government since

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Expat Articles Moving to Riyadh A modern metropolis with skyscrapers that emerge from the desert like a mirage, the Saudi capital was once a small oasis settled for its palm trees and dates. Now, expats move to Riyadh to advance their careers in Saudi Arabia’s commercial hub. But expats are bound to experience some culture shock in Riyadh. New arrivals often struggle to adjust to a restrictive social environment where alcohol is banned and there are no cinemas or nightclubs.

Most Western expats live in residential compounds in the northern and eastern suburbs of Riyadh. In some of them, life is more liberal than the general situation might suggest. Men and women socialise more freely in these neighbourhoods, clothing rules are more relaxed and women can drive.

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