Lawyer tells Australian court Geoffrey Rush barely eating [Video]

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Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush has become virtually housebound and barely eats since a Sydney newspaper alleged inappropriate behaviour towards an actress, his lawyer has sworn in an affidavit.

Actor Geoffrey Rush arrives at court on Thursday. Ms Buday, 56, who was flown in from her home in France by the Rush camp gave a theatrical performance which included singing, mime, laughing and yoga stretches in the witness box. Under cross-examination Ms Buday agreed that experienced actors such as Mr Rush had a duty to act “like parents” towards younger actors in the theatre. Barrister Tom Blackburn arrives. Toby Zerna She was asked by the newspaper’s barrister Tom Blackburn SC about a text Mr Rush sent Ms Norvill in June in which he said “I was thinking of you, as I do, more than is socially appropriate” next to a winking emoji with its tongue hanging out.

Ms Buday said she thought it was “appropriate” for Mr Rush to send such a text to an actress more than 30 years his junior.

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Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush has become virtually housebound and barely eats since a Sydney newspaper alleged inappropriate behaviour towards an actress, his lawyer has sworn in an affidavit.

Nicholas Pullen’s affidavit submitted to the Australian Federal Court in Sydney said the year-old Australian actor had suffered “tremendous emotional and social hardship” since The Daily Telegraph accusation in December. Rush has denied the allegation of inappropriate behaviour towards actress Eryn Jean Norvill during the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of King Lear in He is suing the newspaper over the articles, which he says portray him as a pervert and sexual predator.

Details of the alleged behaviour remain vague.

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Image caption Geoffrey Rush centre arriving at the Federal Court in Sydney Actor Geoffrey Rush has given emotional testimony in court as he sues an Australian newspaper over stories that he says depicted him as a pervert. During a defamation hearing in Sydney, he denied inappropriately touching an actress with whom he appeared on stage. The company is standing by the stories, which were published in late The court has heard that the allegations relate to his behaviour towards actress Eryn Jean Norvill, who played Cordelia.

He denied suggestions by Nationwide News barrister Tom Blackburn SC that he was trying to tell her he was attracted to her. And he rejected claims that he touched her lower back under her shirt, made groping gestures with his hands to simulate touching her breasts, and made lewd comments. Image copyright Image caption Rush won the Oscar for best actor for Shine in He dabbed away tears as he told the court he prepared for the scene in which he carried Norvill across the stage by imagining his own daughter had died.

He is seeking aggravated damages, arguing the articles significantly damaged his reputation.

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Geoffrey Rush defamation case continues in Sydney

Rush is suing the publisher of Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph newspaper in the Federal Court for defamation over articles published in November that accused the year-old Australian actor of behaving inappropriately toward actress Eryn Jean Norvill during the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of “King Lear” in and Rush denies the claims against him and argues the articles portrayed him as a pervert and a sexual predator. Norvill never spoke to the newspaper before the articles were published and made her first public allegations against Rush during her testimony in court on Tuesday.

The year-old actress testified that she was playing King Lear’s dead daughter Cordelia when Rush, playing the distraught father, stroked his hand across the side of her right breast and on to her hip during a preview performance.

Geoffrey Rush is struggling to get through his day-to-day life over the looming case of defamation that he is currently embroiled in with regards to a Sydney newspaper falsely, his his eyes.

Two actors back woman making claim by Jonathon Moran 1st Dec 8: It comes as Rush – one of the country’s most successful actors – was yesterday continuing to vehemently deny claims he inappropriately touched a cast member of the local production of the classic William Shakespeare play. Rising young actor Meyne Raoul Wyatt, who appeared in King Lear, said he believed his castmate’s version of events.

It’s time for Sydney Theatre Company and the industry in Australia and worldwide as a whole to make a stand on this behaviour!!!! And Brandon McClelland, who has worked alongside the woman at the centre of the alleged complaint and is in the company’s current production of Three Sisters, urged others on Twitter to believe the actress. It wasn’t a joke,” he posted.

McClelland’s tweet was also reposted by several other Sydney theatre actors as the story dominated social media yesterday. Rush was made aware who made the claims three weeks ago. The year-old acting legend yesterday said he “immediately phoned and spoke to senior management” at the STC when he became aware of rumours there was a complaint. But he said the STC refused to give him details.

John Appleyard Rush’s lawyer Nicholas Pullen said it was a “great disappointment” that the STC had “chosen to smear his name and unjustifiably damage his reputation”.

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