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World of Tanks is a very unique game, there are others tank games out there but not like it. You gonna it ready to see a lot of stuff that will make you feel better. Posted by Bearx57 on 27 Jul at It’s not a pay-to-win game like some say on console at least. The main reason I stopped playing PC version is the map selection. All my favorite maps, the ones with hills and interesting landscapes were replaced by flat, boring city maps in the name of balance,and that took most of the enjoyment out of it. Also there are a lot of time-based events that you can earn premium tanks in.


That reduces the effect of the angling. Nerveless to say that the Is line is very fun. It takes so much pressure of of you. Also the great weight of the Kv line will devastate opponents when you ram them.

[] Hitzones mod from Jove for WoT July 27, admin Today we introduce one of the most convenient and functional weak spot from Jove for World of Tanks

This is particular true Tiers III-VI in my experience where I am starting to encounter matches where almost every and sometimes every tank is of the same tier. This was not a totally unknown phenomenon previously, but recently it has become an almost every-day occurrence. Do I think the arty-cap caused this? More I think the arty-cap helped me notice what was going on. If I were to make a guess it is because the number of people playing World of Tanks on the EU server has risen.

When I started playing World of Tanks I only rarely saw a server size of k. Now I quite regularly see a server size of k. I reckon this simply means the matchmaker is finding it easy to fill out matches consisting mostly or entirely of the same tier. It may be that the rolling arty hard-cap is also encouraging this in some fashion — it is something which has a few unintended consequences. On the whole I have no complaints about this phenomenon.

While it does make some battles feel a little less varied, on the other hand an all same-Tier battle has a wonderful dynamic quite unlike any other battle in the game, and is also a lot of fun.

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A Reminder This topic was allowed to be left open as a discussion about BR Rating and matchmaking – I would request you stay on topic and take any other discussions elsewhere, this is an emotive topic, as many of our merged and herding topics are, and we don’t need you mixing them up. It doesn’t help anyone. This is the Match making and BR! Look at the pinned post as to what we are supposed to be discussing in here, not connectivity, not balance. Please look at the other “major” topics we have pinned in the general area, as you can see, there are clearly other areas where you can discuss them.

If you prefer, we can merge them all into one, but as im sure most of you would agree that isn’t practical.

Nov 08,  · Hi I get more and more trouble playing tier 10 because of matchmaking issues. Yesterday my team was outnumbered by tier 10 Battleships but my last match was absolutely ridiculous: (my team) at tier 2 Shimakaze 1 Zao vs. 3 Shimakaze 1 Yamato (my team) at tier 9: 1 kagero vs 2 baltimore, 1 Ibuk.

This is a buff to prettiness and sass. Lux W missile speed up. In reality, the opposite occurred – Nidalee actually improved as people adapted to the changes. W – Pounce Poppy Passive and E range down. Reworked to be a disruptive tank that lives in the middle of a battle, Poppy excels at peeling threats and blocking divers and assassins from getting to her precious, precious carries.

Poppy currently boasts some of the highest damage, crowd control and overall reliability for a tank in the League, leaving teams hard-pressed to pass her up no matter what the composition demands. When you combine high base damage and no shortage of tools to lock down a single target, you end up with a tenacious threat that simply ignores what the other team wants to do and dives the highest profile targets over and over.

Whenever a champion starts seeing play in a different role or building different items than predicted, we have to ask ourselves a few important questions. On top of that, Udyr sustains through most damage taken in the jungle, allowing him to spend most of the game fighting – monsters or other champions – without ever having to base. Throttling down the efficiency with which he can bring home the bacon should give opposing teams more time to do something about it.

Be it long-ranged, dual-shuriken action or a clean getaway, the window Zed presents to interact with him is on the shorter side when compared to the duress he places upon his victims. Part one of several.


This Stronghold features multiple customizable structures, a flying Patrol Carrier, a cliffside apartment, and its own private beach. Plus, for the first time, Player versus Player gameplay is fully supported inside the Stronghold, allowing for 1-on-1, Team Deathmatch, and even Huttball scenarios! A large number of Collection plate images have been updated. General The body color for female Cathar will now match the selected head fur color as intended.

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Whether vehicles are stock or fully researched, how they are equipped, nor crew skill is taken into account by the match-maker. Vehicle Tier Vehicle tier is not taken into consideration when balancing teams. This is a common misconception among players.

My issue is that wot makes matchmaking into **** by ranking high performers over time with Ok. Fun game at first but beware of the scam. Fun game at first but beware of the scam. The issue is in latter game in the match making. one game you win, the next three you do three times the damage as the next highest player and you lose.

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Riot, Please review your matchmaking tool’s analysis

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To install the mod, download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\mods\ Compatible with game version. File size MB Read more.

Feb 12, 7 Well I’m going to be honest, this review does not start off in a positive light! World of Tanks does not make a good first impression, I get and I fully understand that this is a free-to-play game but damn, do you really need to attack me with marketing emails before the game has even begun? Quickly getting rid of the email screen you are shown the news feed which is a littleWell I’m going to be honest, this review does not start off in a positive light! Quickly getting rid of the email screen you are shown the news feed which is a little confusing at first until you have the slow realisation that what you are looking at is a clever distraction from the fact that the game is downloading in the background.

It seemed too good to be true that the game was only 70MB when it was downloaded from the marketplace after a quick peruse of their Twitter feed it turns out the whole game is 2. On a personal night let me tell you that this is a terrible and disgustingly frustrating way to start a review, I think I’ll just wander away from the keyboard until it’s finished. You still with me? Let’s kick things off with some training.

The tutorial covers everything you would expect it to; how to move the turret and how to manoeuvre the tank etc. Environmental destruction is always appreciated and welcomed with open arms. From here you move on to the combat side of things and you are introduced to the general shooting procedures as well as given some tips on flanking your rivals.

World of Tanks – Survive the Matchmaking!!

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